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French door cost guide

French Door Images

French doors are often customers’ first go-to selection when it comes to choosing options for patio doors. Classic and elegant, they will never go out of style, similar to uPVC Casement Windows. Depending on what materials you go for, there are a number of options which will determine the french door costs.

Are French doors right for me?

Traditionally-speaking, French doors are better for those who have a smaller amount of space to work with. So a narrow house would suit French patio doors particularly well.

Because these are swing-out style with two hinges, they don’t take up a huge amount of space. For example, if you had a larger surface area to work with, you might want to opt for something like a bi-fold door.

In a more practical sense, French doors are ideal if you want to open out onto the world outside. They usually swing outwards rather than inwards, which is perfect for opening out the back-end of your home when you want to create some circulation and another entrance into your garden from your property.


The absolute starting price for a set of French doors is around £385, which excludes any labour costs at all. However, this isn’t always a realistic figure to work with. Once you start to add labour costs, you begin to reach a more average price.

If you are converting a window into a set of French doors, for example, you can expect the few days of labour and installation to cost around £750.

However, If you were planning on replacing an old pair of patio doors for a brand new pair of uPVC versions, you could expect the total job to just anywhere up to £900, as this takes into account one and a half days’ labour, the cost of the brand new doors and any extra costs on top.

The price of this could increase if you are looking for doors that have much bigger dimensions. This could also be affected if you’re looking for more alternative frame materials such as aluminium, as the cost of these to manufacture is much higher.

However, one price that doesn’t really waver the price of your French doors will be to what extent they are glazed. Half and fully-glazed doors cost around the same price; which one you opt for is a matter of personal taste. Just know that fully-glazed doors will let in more light and create a clearer view of the great outdoors. If you want to know average window costs, take a look at our other blog post here.


French Door Installation

There are legal stipulations regarding thermal efficiency when it comes to glazed windows and doors. If you feel ambitious enough to install your French doors yourself, you should know that you must meet these regulations.

This means that when you install them, they must be completely sealed off from the outside world, which must be determined by your local authorities. It is, therefore, much wiser to get a professional installation.

French doors are never going out of style; that you can be sure. When it comes to cost, this will very much depend on the size of the doors and the materials you opt for. Labour costs can be excluded from the price, but the ordeal of installing them yourself might not be worth the savings.

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