Installation of new windows

Average Price for New Windows

Installation of new windows

Working out the likely cost of windows can be a challenge as, in most cases, installation companies need to visit your home before they can provide a realistic quote. There are also lots of contributing factors that can affect the cost, such as the type of glazing, the frame materials, security features, and the complexity of the installation. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t find the answers you need with a little bit of research. To help you find the best deal on your windows we have put together this guide to the average price for windows in the UK.

How much do new windows cost?

The frame material which you select for your new windows will have a big impact on the price you will pay. While each supplier’s prices will vary, here are some average prices based on research. These prices are for the supply and installation of a window but are intended as a representation only so you can see how much difference your choice of material could make to the price of a window.

Window Prices

Size UPVC Aluminium Timber
600x900mm £250-£400 £550-£700 £850-£1,000
900x1200mm £400-£600 £650-£800 £1,200-£1,400
1200x1200mm £650-£900 £750-£1,000 £1,350-£1,500

The lowest cost option is usually UPVC, which also provides plenty of benefits for homeowners. For example, quality UPVC is durable and strong and only needs occasional cleaning to keep it in good condition. Beware of very cheap UPVC, however, as it is likely to be poor quality and may discolour and warp over time. Aluminium frames are more costly than UPVC but often offer better energy efficiency and durability. Both UPVC and aluminium are available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

UK house with new windows

Timber framed windows are the most expensive option, but some people prefer the look of authentic wood, particularly if their home is a period property. Timber frames require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition but can be painted or stained to change their colour.

Cost of Windows by Style

Window prices will also vary depending on the style. If you’re wondering how much for windows by style, here are some average prices for a UPVC window (excluding installation costs) in some popular styles.

Style of Window Average price range
Casement £150-£300
Sash £550-£850
Tilt and Turn £450-£600
Bay £1,000-£2,400

Casement windows are a popular choice as they are very versatile and suit most styles of home. These windows can be opened from the bottom, top or side.

Period properties such as Victorian and Georgian houses often have sash windows which are sliding panels, often in timber frames but increasingly in UPVC.

Tilt and turn windows are a more contemporary option which offer a lot of flexibility as they can be open fully or tilted to allow for ventilation.

A bay window protrudes out of the wall of the home and leaves a bay area inside. These windows can be a range of shapes include box windows, bow windows, oriel windows and circle bay windows.

A Sash Window is something which is becoming more commonplace and popular with UK homeowners, these windows are very sturdy and well built, lasting a long time.

If you’re looking for competitive prices for new windows, get in touch today and get a quote for double glazing from either ourselves or one of our trusted partners.

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